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Clear Lake Iowa.

Location Just off I-35, West of Mason City Iowa and about half way between Minneapolis and Des-Moines. 

The Lake is about 3 miles long (east to west) and about 2 miles wide.  Its surrounded by trees and the ubiquitous private boat docks (unfortunately) so its mandatory that Kiters be proficient in self water launches and recoveries.

There are two typical water launch locations, the first and easiest setup location is Clear Lake State park beach located on the South Eastern Shore of the lake. The Locals Setup and Launch near the boat dock/ramp on the northern part of the shore.  

This beach has buoys out in the water that are to separate the public swimmer from all watercraft, Yes Kayaks and KITEBOARDERS!!!  This is a State Park and there are Park Rangers that tolerate us kiting here but will jump down your throat if you intrude into the protected swimming area.

To launch here walk out just south of the boat dock on the north side of the beach, you can go a fair way out in chest deep water and there is about a 200 foot wide area to launch and attempt to get out to deeper water avoiding the dock and the Buoys.  

This area can be kited in any winds from the South West - Northerly - North Easterly winds. 

There is a second location for winds from any other direction but I would prefer to give this information out on an individual basis.  The reason for this is its a difficult launch area and parking and politics are sensitive in this area.  Contact me personally at: 

If you are a kiteboarder in Iowa I would like to make contact with you to add information on any other kiter friendly lakes or areas. 

So, Why take a lesson?  Maybe because you've never kiteboarded before? So can I teach myself to kiteboard? Yes absolutly, you can also climb Mount Everest without help too... But it sure makes it a lot easier and safer if you have help... Ohh and by the way, Kiteboarding is not cheap, so with a lesson you will know if Kiteboarding is something that you will want to do without the purchase of (possibly the wrong) equipment only to find out its not for you.

Anyway Here is some info regarding lessons: 

I have used the above link its a good discription about taking lessons. 

If you're in the Northern Iowa region and desire to take a lesson please contact me via or for immediate response TXT me at: 515-442-4344
Clear Lake
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