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First off, welcome to Kiwi kiteboarding and Iowa kiteboarding.  Why the two names? Cause this is a business, I live in Iowa and am a Kiwi...

Regardless this site is set up for any kiters in Iowa, or just anyone interested in Kiting.

Why kiteboarding in Iowa?  Iowa along with Kansas and Western Oklahoma are the windiest States in North America.  Although gusty at times theres typically wind year round, unlike South Padre or Eastern Texas (where I learnt kiteboarding) you can be shut down for weeks at a time begging for the wind to arrive.

What are my plans with this website?  To help pay the expense of hosting this website... Second of all I want to Keep Kiters living and visiting Iowa informed on places to go and hints on how to stay safe and keep everyone (the non kiteboarding public and particularly local law enforcement) happy.  

I'm also using this website to promote my main method of income, teaching new people how to kiteboard and kiteski in a safe and efficient manner.  

If you're interested in lessons and or sending me money please contact me via TXT at: (641) 373-2224

or email me from the contact us page.

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